Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Night at the Ball Park

Scott and I were both able to play softball on the same night. It was fun to bring the kids and show them a good time at the ball park. The kids had a good time playing on the side. We sure love spending time together as a family supporting each other. Life is good!!!

Scott played 2nd base.

Here he is on 1st after hitting a single.

He's pointing to Jake.

I love it when I actually get the ball in the photo. Scott
got a single off this hit.

Scott played with Cameron who is in the red hat.

Jake loved hangin' with Scott during the game.

Scott sends Jake to get the foul ball.

By the time my game started, it was getting dark.
Here I am batting.

Here I am playing 1st and throwing it to second to get the
lead run.

Scott took some great shots of the kids while they were watching my game.

Here is Dallin watching can actually see my in the background.

Isn't he the cutest!!

J-crew baby!!!

What nice brothers sharing!!!

Layt chillin'!

Jake lovin' that icee!!!!

It was a great night all in all!!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Airplane Park

We went to this awesome park the other weekend. It has lots of great toys and even a little creek that runs through it. The boys had a blast.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Jake's Ready for Pre-School

So this is a few weeks late, but I still wanted to post it. Miss Leigh is Jake's teacher and she made home visits before school started this year. Jake thought it was the coolest showing her his room and toys and back yard. He loves his teacher and has loved this year so far.

Miss Leigh and Jake chillin'.

Jake showing Miss Leigh his lego table.

Jake was being silly when I was taking his photo.
I like this shot to see how huge his backpack is on
him. He loves it.

More funny poses from Jake.

Isn't Jake so handsome...I love him to death!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Classic "Nelson Boy's" Photo Shoot

I think my boys are so handsome...especially on Sundays so I thought I'd try to get some shots before church. It's all a series of the same scene. This is how it turned out. Not one with everyone looking and smiling, but it sure made me smile going back and looking at them.

1st photo...not bad...only one kid not looking, but Dallin
is hilarious!!

Serious Jake...and Dallin...Layt, where's the least
Scott is smiling.

We were seriously trying so hard to get them all to
look and smile.

Ya, Scott was feeling like....aaaahhhhh.

Even more AAAHHHHness.

One more attempt to be serious.

Scott...forget this..let's stick out our tongues.

The boys loved that.

Jake and Scott getting a kick out of it while Layton is
finally looking at the camera.

Now it's the boys that look great (little D is a little outta
control) and Scott is being goofy.

At least everyone is still smiling and having a good time.
I love these boys to death!!!!! I am one lucky woman!!

Ya, these boys are scheming something up.
But aren't they so handsome!!