Tuesday, November 29, 2011

We Bought a Boat....A DREAM COME TRUE!!!

Towards the end of the summer we bought a boat with another family, the Fotheringhams. They are the best boat partners EVER!!!! Our families are in the same stage in life and we couldn't be happier!!! Our kids have so much fun together!!!

I grew up boating with my family and just have loved it my whole life. I never dreamed that we would have a boat at this time. It all fell into place and I am one happy girl!!!

Here's the night be bought this baby!!! We were pretty pumped!!
Jake, 1st day out.
Doesn't he look like a natural?!!!!
Tate and Jake.
Here's 6 of the 7 kids....the FoNellie's!!! First outing was so much fun!!! I was so gitty!!!
Another shot with Scott in it.
In front of our house!!! It was fun to look out our window and see that 'OUR' boat was out there!!!
Dallin warming up with Scott. All the boys wake surfed with Scott. I was a proud Mama!!!
Jake gettin' ready with Daddy.
In action!!

Layton's turn.

I think the boat is a hit among all involved!!!
Scott started from the boat and didn't even get wet....it was pretty sweet. We might have a video of it. I'll have to post.
Here's my boat buddy Fisher. LOVE THIS BOY!!!
Scott and I happy as can be!!!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Jake & Layton's Triathlon

This was Jake's 2nd Triathlon and Layton's 1st. I am so proud of my boys. They both did awesome!!!!
Jake was 15 and Layton was 16.

The brothers pre-race.
Jake and Layton raced with one of their buddies Connor.
Waiting in line for his turn.
L's next.
There he goes.
Scott recorded under water while L swam. L takin' a slight breather.
Hopin out of the water. Layton didn't have photos of the rest of the race, but we have video which I'll have to post.
Jake getting his ankle time thingy on.
Jake's next.
Takin' a breather.
I recorded Jake along side him as he transitioned to the bike. Here's Jake getting out of the water.
Papa David watching the transition. Love the support we always get from Nanner and Papa David.
Jake did awesome on the bike, he was pumped when he passed 5 kids....yes, he was counting.
Running his bike to its spot.
Finishing the run. Jake was way behind this girl and he caught her and passed her. Scott was cheering him the whole way. It was awesome!!!
Here he is passing her. (I know I'm too competitive!!!)
Finishing the race.
Us and the triathletes. Dallin was a champ cheering his brothers on.
Us with Nanner and Papa David too. They are the best supporters.
The boys with Nanner and Papa David.
Nanner and Dallin chilled so that Scott and I could video. Actually Nanner helped out with taking photos too. She did a great job.
L after the race. He was pretty pumped to get a Popsicle.
J after the race....so proud!!
This is Tate, whom my boys idolize!!!! Tate is the reason my boys wanted to do this race in the first place. We love him and his family like our own!!!
L post race.
Both boys post race!!!!

Friday, November 25, 2011

One Last Post of our Trip to WA!!!

Favorite place to eat in Couer d'Alene
So I have an awesome friend, Kristi, who when I told her I am from Moses Lake asked if I knew Jane Payne. I said no and then she proceeded to tell me what an amazing woman she was. So Scott and I went to go meet her and give Kristi some photos and video log while we were there. And she's right, Jane is pretty amazing!!! So glad I was able to meet her.
Checkin' out Nana and Papa's amazing garden!!
Nana was so excited to have the boys wear these and take photos.
The boys loved it as much as she did.....well maybe not Dallin.
We were able to hook with with Kat and Briel and their sweet girls. Briel and I were probably each other's first really great friends. We have lots of memories exploring the pastures together and jumping off trucks together and spending the summer going to the pool together and I loved riding in their VW van...that was a highlight for me. It was so great to catch up and meet his sweet wife and girls!!!