Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Beach Drama

Here's a candid shot of us packing up the last day at the beach.

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California-Part 3


Nanner, Scott and the boys building in the sand.

Nelson Crew team work.

Another photo op.

Nanner lovin' on Jake.

Jake, Scott, and Nanner.

Jake and Scott.


Our boys.

Our boys.

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California-Part 2

Jake getting worked by the wave!!

Here he is after....shook up.

Jake's waiting for his wave with the pelicans.

He's setting up to catch this wave...kick, kick, kick.

Here's all the boys...3 from our family and 4 from Mark and Emily's family.
Seth, Jake, Sammy, Andrew, Layton, Dallin, and Luke.

Here's Nanner with her grandsons.

GG has an orange tree and the boys loved eatting them. Here Nanner and the boys are juicing the oranges.

Nelson crew photo few photos too.

Scott and I....I love this guy!!!






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California 2011-Part 1

We decided to make one long huge trip out of our summer vacation this year. We headed to California and vacationed there with Scott's Grandma like we do every year. Nanette and Mark's family were there also. We had a fabulous time!!! Then we drove all the way up the coast to Washington where we are now spending time with my parents.

Here's all our gear on GG's porch.

Here's GG and Nanner driving up. Can you believe GG is 93 and still driving?!!!!

Look how narrow her driveway it and she's been parking her car back here for 60 years!!

Scott is basking in the goodness of GG's front yard.

Dallin going x-games on GG's old school trike.

Layton on Sammy and Andy's big wheel.

Jake by GG's famous tomatoes!!!

Getting some scooter time in.

This is the first year that Jake and Layton boogie boarded on their own. We couldn't keep them out of the ocean. I LOVED watching them.

Layt at the end of his ride.

Dallin and Scott posin'.

On their way out.

Battlin' the waves to get out to catch some.

Nanner and Layton loving the warm sun!!


D all burried in the sand!!

Jake was always laying in the sand to get warm. Both Scott and I use to do that when we were kids.

Mark, Luke, Andrew, Sammy, and Layton building Sand Castles.

Here's our set up at the beach. Emily, Scott, Dallin, Jake, Nanner and little Seth's head!

Little D.

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