Monday, September 12, 2011

Washington continued

My boys get their fix for tractors because of Uncle Don. He took us for a ride in the swather. The boys LOVED it. We even rode our bikes to his field which is right next to a small airport.

Dallin is waving all cute and who knows what I am doing!!!
Jake's turn.
It was Layton's turn.
Jake got a hair cut while we were there.
Here is the before....I LOVE his hair this long!!!!
Little man learned to ride his bike with no training wheels. D knew that Nanner got a bunch of bikes at garage sales, but none of them had training wheels. He was determined to learn. He learned within 30 minutes of getting was awesome and I was so proud.
Getting his confidence going!!!
Picnic under the crazy tree.
Great Grandpa got the poles ready to go fishing with the boys.
Can't get enough of my boys when they are sleeping!!!
Layton LOVED his reunion with his monkin....he even put his tail in his ear and stucked his thumb like the good ol' days.......I was wondering why he kept hiding under his covers.....I caught him red handed here!!!!!
Grandpa George with all of his George's!!!
The BEST dirt pile EVER!!!
Getting the worms to go fishing.
Look at that proud face!!!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Our Time in Washington

Here is our Washington segment of our trip. There are sooooo many photos so I'm breaking up the batches. So here are the photos in lots of different posts.

My parents have the perfect backyard for little kids.....grass, fire pit, dirt....what more can a little boy ask for. They have a boat too and we went all the time while we were there. It was a trip to remember for sure. Enjoy the photos!!

Jake and my cousin's little girls.....Love it!!!