Saturday, July 28, 2007

Fire Truck

On our way home from California, we stopped to eat
and in the parking lot were 2 huge fire trucks.
The kids were in heaven and the drivers
let the boys get up close. They loved it!

Jake & Layt love dancing on Fire Trucks every chance they get!

Scott loved the fire truck just as much as the boys.
When you look at Jake's hair, just remember we had been traveling
for many many hours in the car....he's got car seat bed head.

Poppa and Jake were noticing how much bigger the
fire truck tires are than Jake.


Jake & Layton love trains!
Scott went with Nanette and the boys
for a ride on the train while we were
in California.

Rose Bowl

For the 4th of July, Scott and I went to the Rose Bowl with
Dana, Ryan, Darren, &
Maggie (teammate from Hawaii).
We had a great time...the fireworks were awesome!

There was great food before the show!

Darren & Maggie enjoying the night!

Scott & I with the Rose Bowl in the background.

This shows the atmosphere..lots of people and palm trees
with the hills of Cali in the background.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

We Love the Beach!!!!!!!

This is where we spend almost everyday
when we visit Grandma Mary. We love going to
the Santa Monica beach. The boys had a blast in the
water and playing in the sand. Jake is 2, almost 3, and
Layton is 1, almost 2.

Here's a shot of the don't really pose with a
smile for you at this age, but we do what we can.

Here is the big sand put that the kids loved!

Even though the water was cold, Jake just loved
being in the ocean with his dad "surfin' the waves."

Jake had a blast, while Scott did too, but Scott
got more of a work out than Jake!

Layton was the master at shoveling sand!

Here's Jake in his little wet was a little big.
As you can see Scott was having a great time!

Layton had to go hang out with Poppa and eat
his donut....right in Poppa's was so cute!

Here is Jordan and Jake enjoying the beach!

Tami & Layton having a blast!

We always need to work in a little Bear
snuggle time...even if we are at the beach.

The snuggle time usually leads to nap time...even at the beach!

Jake loves playin' in the sand!

Los Angeles Zoo

Okay, so you can't even tell we are at the Zoo, but this was a highlight
because it was so hot, we had to stop and drink down some icees.
Notice how hot Jake & Layton look!!! It was at least 105 degrees!!!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Dan & Betty's Gutter

Dan and Betty so graciously let us stay at their place.
It was gorgeous!! Although the thing the kids liked
the most was the gutter out front!

Jake loved racing his boat down the gutter!

Layton was having a ball in the gutter!

Fun in Hurricane

We celebrated Grandma Mary's 90th Birthday.

Here she is with Scott's family.
Craig, Scott, Nanette, Mary, David, Dana, & Mark

Here are all of Grandma Mary's Grandsons.

The boys of the family.
Craig, Scott, David, Mark, & Ryan

Goofy shot!!

It was so hot in Hurricane, it took Layton a
whole pitcher of water to cool down!
Layton with his Monkey...he doesn't leave home without it!

Scott shows Jake how to launch the bottle rocket!

Uncle Craig chillin' with Layton!

Andrea (Craig's girlfriend) hangin' with Andrew.

Scott & Jake enduring the 105 degree weather in Hurricane!

The boys chillin'!

Matty successfully launched his bottle rocket...gotta celebrate!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Angel's Landing in Zion's National Park

To start off our trip to California, we had a reunion in St. George for Scott's Grandma's 90th birthday. We started the trip on Thursday night and got into St. George by 3am. We got all settled in and to sleep by 4am. Scott was up at 6am to go on this sweet hike with his dad, David. It's called Angel's Landing in Zion's National Park.

Scott & David enjoy a great view!

This is where the hike became more challenging.
You had to hold onto chains along the way.

Make sure you don't step a little to the left!

The switchbacks!

This is the great view from the top.
Mission accomplished!

Future Missionary