Thursday, April 30, 2009

Day 3

Continuing on with the totally random photos theme. Oh and ps. feel free to leave a comment to brighten my day.

Here's Dallin's first time finger painting. It didn't last very long...he started eating it.

I wish he could stay this age forever.

Layton...I wasn't into the hot chocolate!

Back before we got our carpets cleaned and right after the boys got their scooter (when they were brand spankin' new), we let the kids use their scooters in the house. I have to say, we all had a blast on them. Here is Jake, Luke, Page, and Layton.

Jake, Layton, & Dallin watching the snow storm from our window.

Just a cute shot of Dallin.

Cookies are almost done!!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Day 2

This bunch of photos are totally random!!


Ya, notice how Layton is wearing Scott's socks and Jake has on a baby hiking backpack.

I think Layton was actually riding his bike with those socks on. He LOVES wearing anything of Daddy's.

Here the boys are chillin in the garage.

Poor Layt', he was so sick this day.

Hoops in the Backyard

Dallin slammin' it down.

Layton was telling me something
great...I can't remember what it was.

Here's our little hooper!!! Plus, nice PJ's and
backpack. Layton has a great shot.

The two ballers and best buds.

Layton had to mix in a visit on the phone.

Here's Jake...IN YOUR FACE!

This is Dallin's cranky/shy/moody look.

Here's Jake trying to cheer him up.
This is how Dallin turns people down when
handing things to him. It's hilarious...he pushes
it away with the back of his hand like this.

Nice pout look D.


Here he is on a brighter note.
Dallin knows lots of his body parts.
Here he is knowing that this is his nose.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Day 1

Prepare yourself for at least a post a day. I need to get caught up on my blogging before I leave for Washington next Wednesday.


This the soccer team I played with that my sister in law Dana put together. It was an indoor soccer league. We all had a blast. We were the Goal Busters!!! Re, Tami, Amber, Heather, Kacey(sp?), Lindsay, (Front) Kristen, and Dana. Good Times!!


Ya, this is what the kids were doing when all I sudden I realized they were really quite.

The Mole

One day my friend Janelle was over picking up her kids and she noticed a rat-like creature down the street. My neighbor Billi was out with her kids too and everyone was curious. So Janelle, all the kids, and Billi went to check it out. Then one of the balls started rolling down the street and everyone tried to stop it. So that's why everyone is scattered on the street. Good thing we live on a Cul de Sac street and it's not busy at all. (In the second photo, you can see the mole really good.)

Swimming Lessons

Here the boys are learning how to dive in the pool from the side during their swim lessons.

Enjoy the Daily Blog Posts

Lil' D...need I say more.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Fun with Nana

We are so lucky that Nana was able to come visit us during her spring break. We all had a great time and can't wait to see her and Papa again this summer. We love you Nana!!!

Here's Nana with the boys right before we went swimming

Here we are chillin in the hot tub.

Here's Dallin and I. (Thanks Britt for the sweet suit..I love it)

Jake lovin' the fountain

I love kids with imaginations

Here's Layton doing the Crawl Stroke....what a stud.

Dallin LOVES the slide.

Lil' D.

Here's a shot of the boys after swimming

Dallin had a blast with Nana....I love this photo!!!

Nana even snuck in two naps......we played hard

Poor Jake was sick one of the days Nana was here...I felt so bad for him.

Here's Dallin and Layton waiting for Nana to get out of the shower....I love it.

Here's a shot my mom got of Dallin wearing my shoes.

Nana always brings books when she comes to visit...Jake put
it in his back was a BIG book.

Here's Layt and Elder Anderson. We fed the missionaries while my mom was here.

The boys LOVED reading books with Nana!!!

Here's Layt' doing the thing he does best!!!

Nana was able to watch Jake & Layton have swim lessons.