Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Day at the Zoo

One day we went to the zoo with Dana, Jordan, Kate, and Nanette. We all had a blast.

Dana, Kate, & Nanette enjoying the day.

Layton & Jordan...I love that these cousins are 2 months apart. (I love taking back photos)

Here are the boys are having a nice conversation with the elephant.

Dallin, Jake, Jordan, & Layton on the Hippo. I know the light is bad and you can't even see the hippo.

This photo is hilarious....Layton and Dallin are so close to the ape, but only got a view of the back side.

Here's Layt & Jordan having a laugh on the bench.

Here's Dallin & I with our hats.

Yes, another back shot of the boys.

Finally, here's Dallin in a cave.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sad Day in the Nelson Home...

So I gave Dallin a little hair cut just even up his hair a little. Jake gets these little clippers that make noise and gets Dallin's attention while I cut his hair. I told Jake to move to the other side of the bathroom so Dallin would switch positions...he moves where the noise it. I told Jake to just turn them on and hold them(I know...what was I thinking) second later, this is what happened. At first Jake thought it was the coolest thing until I started shaving his head, then he started was a sad moment for us all.

I was in shock when I saw this, but I had to get the camera.

I thought this was the only spot until I shaved his head.

He seriously thought it was so cool...while I was almost in tears.

All the hair.

See the two spots and yes, he's crying now.

Here's a better view.

He was so upset!!!

Sorry Ms Michele, Jake was just too upset to make it to speech, this happened 10 minutes before we had to leave...we'll see you on Thursday.