Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Our Stop in Seattle

This trip is continued from my last blog post....just a couple of months late....oops.

We made it to Seattle and hit up Pike's Market right away. Then we found this sweet trail down to the Puget Sound. The photos are backwards as always.

Layton hitting rocks into the Puget Sound. (I love instagram)
Another instagram filter. Boys near the water.
Here we are racing on the 'trail'.
Isn't that gorgeous.....it was such a pretty hike.
Hitting into the water....a little foreground and background....nice work Scott.
D and J throwing rocks....so fun.
Cheesy D.
Love this boys smile!!!
Who wouldn't be happy....what a fun place!!
Mt. Rainier.....this was our view from the beach we were at.
It was a very very good day!!!
Mt. Rainier
The beach from the stairs.
The stairs.
Beginning of the hike. We even brought a pizza down for dinner.
The boys had fun exploring.
D and I chillin!
We had some ice cream at the market too.
Gutter-drain close-up.
They tasted as good as they look!!!!
We decided that eating our white peaches in the gutter over the drain was the best solution to having no plates or napkins. Yes, people were starring. And a nice policeman gave us some wet wipes.....awesome!!!
We got some white peaches here at pike's market. They were divine.
Our totally cool boys in front of a fountain near the harbor.