Sunday, August 31, 2008

Annual Washington Trip

Brace yourself for the longest blog post ever. We had a blast in Washington and took tons of photos. We had the best time visiting my parents. It is actually probably the best place for little boys to visit because there are so many "Boy" things to do. These are the photos we loved the best. Enjoy!

We made good time on our way to Washington...we just
gassed up and keep on movin'.

On our way we stayed with Tom & Alisha in Boise.
Here we are in front of their Shaved Ice Shack.
It was so good to see them again and hang out.
Thank you so much Tom & Alisha!!!!

The boys loved their "Shaved Ice".

Here is Grandma and Dallin enjoying some time together.
It was nice to spend some time with the grandparents.

Dallin got lots of time with Grandpa and Grandma.

Here's my Uncle Curt whom I love dearly.
Doesn't he look hard core!!!

This is my parents back yard. Scott was throwing a huge
frisbee that my parents got Jake for his birthday.

My Dad has fun toys in the shop...we spent a lot of time
walking out to the shop.

Jake had a blast with my mom...we sure spent a lot of time
in their awesome back yard.

Here's my dad showin' Jake how to play in the dirt.

Boating was a blast. Here's Dallin & my Mom enjoying time
together on the boat.

I love this shot of Scott & Jake. Jake was getting
ready to get in the water.

We are just having the time of our lives!!!

Dallin had a great time watching his brothers on the tube.

Mom & Dallin chillin' on the boat.

Thanks for the toys you can see, they loved
playing with them.

Thanks to my Dad for showing them how cool they were.

Bath time was a necessity every night to say the least!!!

Layton is lovin' the dirt all his glory!

The boys played so well together on our was a blast.

What better place to rest than in dirt!!
Even though he is so dirty...doesn't
he look so cute!!!

I know my whole face wrinkles up when I smile.

I love this shot of Scott.....he's so handsome with his vaca

The kids loved going on the "Kayak ride" from Papa.

Really my parents place it the perfect place for little boys.
There is so much fun things to do....the boys sure had a blast.

Thanks to Donny T for the combine ride. The boys loved it.

There was just enough room for everyone.

It's got ac and everything.

Here are some rides from the Grand County Fair.
The boys loved it.

Layton got to pet the animals with Papa...he loved that. Jake
just watched from a distance.

Here's Mom...she put Dallin to sleep...she
has the touch!!

We went swimming at the Davies was perfect.

After the pool my Dad took the time to explain the canals
and irrigation while the boys decided that they had to pee.

This was Jake's 1st time on the tube all by himself and he
loved it.

This boy is having a blast!

Layton crashed on the boat...yes with his monkey.

Here's my mom making sure everything is going smooth
and it did and everyone had a great time.

Here is a shot of my parents and the was the best
one we got with only one boy looking...that's the joy of 3
boys so close in age and so young.

I had fun wakeboarding.

Life is good whenever you are behind a boat!!
The only reason there aren't shots of Scott
wakeboarding too is cuz he put out his back
the day before our trip. (He's better now)

This is a view from our back yard...they were harvesting
the hay.

The boys loved the slide they got to play on whenever
they wanted...the back yard is so convenient.

This was taken the night before we left...Dallin had an ear
infection and my mom put him to sleep. I love this shot.

Jake loved reading books with my mom. I think they both
loved it.

Yes, the boys gobbled up Papa. Everyone had a blast.

Thank you Mom and Dad for making our week so much fun.
We know it was a lot of work. We loved every second!!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Surfing in Mo-Town

Moses Lake has a new surfing ride at the water park. I tried it out with all the little Jr. High boys.