Thursday, June 26, 2008

Latest Download....

Here are some "Just Cuz" photos!!

Jake has turned into a monkey...he loves climbing this
tree/bush in our back yard. Jake looks like he's like 9 in
this photo.

He was telling me..."Mom, take a picture."

Isn't he so handsome.

Like Father like Son. Jake ALWAYS
want to dress like Scott!!

My two handsome men!!

Steve & Steve....We love you!!! Thanks for your
diligence (HT). Well, most of us love you!

I love how Layton planted one on Dallin!!!

Jake had gone down stairs by himself and comes up
to reassure me that he didn't make a mess. He had
gotten into the cherries!!!

Dallin is totally into the cell phone!!!

Lil' D is waiting for his pasta in his church clothes.
He's so handsome!!

I know the lighting is completely wrong, but I love this
shot of my 3 boys chillin' together. (yes, that darn monkey)

This was our great $1 Wal Mart buy and the kids love them.

They even worked!!!!

Friday, June 20, 2008


Here are some shots of us at the park.

I love chillin' with our little family!!!

Jake will swing all day long if I let him...he LOVES the swing!

Scott loves playing at the park too!!

This is how you do it with 3 young boys....I LOVE IT!!

Can you tell I'm loving life?!!!!!

Dallin is so dang cute!! He's lovin' the swing!

Monday, June 16, 2008

All About Daddy!!!

I just wanted to post some shots of Scott and the boys. He is such a wonderful Dad to our kids. I love getting shots of him and the kids. Plus...I have to add...he is so HOT & HANDSOME...even when he's sleeping!!

I love precious sleeping photos.
Here is Layton & Scott.

Here is Jake & sweethearts!!

Scott's holding Dallin who's all dressed for chruch.

My two handsome men!!

One night chillin on the couch eating chips....the boys LOVED it!!
Anything to stall from going to bed!

Here's Scott with the neighborhood kids.

Scott took the boys on "Father's & Son's camp out". This
was taken when they got back. They are giving Scott "bones".

This is the afternoon after Father's & Son's Camp out!!

Jake loves mowing the lawn with Scott!

The boys look forward to biking to the park with Daddy!

I love this shot of Scott & Jake...Scott
just fixed Jake up after he had crashed!

Scott loves playin' with Dallin on the floor. Jake & Scott
were trying to get Dallin to laugh.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

These are the best Fathers I know!!!

Scott-You are an amazing Dad!! I love watching you enjoy our kids. They want to be just like you and do everything the way Daddy does it. They love that only the Boys love mustard...they love swimming with you....they love biking with you.....they love going to the park with you....they love when you get home from work....they love spending every second with you...and so do I!!! Happy Father's Day Baby...we love you!!!

Dad-We love coming to visit you and wish we could do it more often. You are the greatest dad a daughter could want and you are the best grandfather. My kids LOVE you and love to hang out with you. They talk about going boating with you all the time...we all are so excited to see you soon!! Happy Father's Day Dad....we love you!!!

David-We love spending time with you. We are so lucky to live so close. You have such an incredible energy about you that rubs off on those around you. Our boys love spending time with you and are always asking if Poppa can come and play too. Happy Father's Day...we Love you!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

1st Sprint Triathlon

This last weekend was a big accomplishment for me. I finished my first Sprint Triathlon. And I loved every second!!!

Here's my awesome
Scott, but he's the one taking the photos.
Jake, Nanette, Layton, & Dallin (hidden in the carrier)

This was the last stretch and it was a killer.

Here's me and Brittany...I couldn't have done it without her!!!

Here are some friends who did it too!
Sharna, Stephanie, Me, Britt, & Josh