Saturday, June 27, 2009

4 Wheelin' in the Mountains

I took the boys up to visit my friend Janna who moved up to Hot Sulfur Springs in the mountains 3 years ago. She and her friend Sarah took us 4 wheeling. The boys and I had a blast. Thanks Janna for a great time.

Here's Janna and I.

Jake couldn't get enough of the 4 wheels.

Here's Cali, Casey, Layton & Jake.

Here's Dallin walking up this big hill. It was so steep.

Casey and Jake are the same age. It was fun getting them together again.

Here's the whole kids, Janna's kids, and Sarah's kids.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Cherry Creek State Park

Sarah and I took our kids to Cherry Creek State Park last week. It was such a good time. It was seriously like we were at the ocean on the beach....we were in Heaven! Photos are in no particular order.

Dallin just loved playing in the sand.

Lyza and Jake had fun together.

Here's all the essentials for the beach....if you have all boys.

Landon makin his mark with the truck.

Layton does this everyday if we are at the beach or not.

He was going to fast.

Jake's squirting's hard to see.

This little bubble blower kept Dallin occupied for a long time.

Lyza took this photo.

This was the best shot we got of me and the boys...only one looker...nice Layton. Compare us to the next photo.

Oh and look at the Twiss family...nicely posed. Aren't they so adorable.

Dallin kept hydrated.

Lyza made these sweet scultures out of the sand...they were sweet.

Layton just layed in the pool of warm water to stay warm as he played in the sand.

My little water boy.

This was near the water. It looks so strange to have this huge dirt hill, but of course all the kids LOVED it.

Here it is up close.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Random Summer Fun

Here's Scott multi-tasking...workin' on church stuff while still having quality time with Dallin.

Here's Dallin enjoying our neighbors skateboard.

Dallin and all my boys love to sit on the skateboards and ride.

Here's the neighborhood kids having a great time shooting hoops. Layton is the one shooting...he's such a stud.

Here's Dallin riding our neighbor's big wheel. Too bad his legs don't quite

Here's a fun thunder storm. The boys wanted "Spikey" hair that day...nice, I know.
Align Center
Before we knew it the hail was getting bigger and bigger.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Roxborough State Park

One Saturday morning we took Nanner and went to Roxborough State Park. It was so gorgeous. We took at 2 mile hike and everyone had a blast.

Here's Nanette with Scott and the boys at the beginning of our hike.

This is the view we had....awesome huh.

Little family shot.

Dallin enjoying a ride with Daddy.

Jake and Layton were running like crazy and loving the trail.

Here's Nanner with Jake, Dallin, & Layon.

A nice casual least the first half.

We stopped on benches here and there to rest. Jake chillin with his dad.

This is what Scott did when Dallin started crying...Dallin loved it!

The other boys had to have their turn too.

Isn't Scott the best Daddy in the world!

This is what we saw on the way out. There are like 13 deer hiding in those was awesome.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

San Diego and the WORLD FAMOUS MUD RUN

Scott and I had the opportunity to fly to San Diego with some friends, Jason & Kendra Karren, to run a race called the Camp Pendleton Mud Run. It's a 6.2 mile obstacle course running up and down hills, through tunnels, over walls, through a lake, and through mud pits. It was such a blast. We got there a couple of days early so we could enjoy San Diego before the race. Here's our trip.

Scott saw this place on the Food Network on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives just two weeks before our trip. He remembered where it was and we actually found it. It was in Ocean Beach and it lived up to our expectations.

The whole wall was full of license plates. It was a little surfing joint.

Here's Scott going after his burger....1st bite.

Look how monsterous that burger is. This is Jason Karren.

Here's a dude eating at Hodads while we were there. Kendra had to get a photo....I thought it was a good idea too. I mean...look at that hair!!!

Here's the Hodad van.

We visited the San Diego temple while we were there.

This is the McKnight family who we stayed with. They use to be in our ward here in Highlands Ranch. They were sooooo good to us.

Here's the agenda for the day.

This is where we ate.

Here's Mission beach.

Kendra and I with the Pacific Ocean in the background.

Scott and I LOVE to throw the football around at the beach.

Here's Jason and Scott playin' catch.

This is Jason and Kendra...we had a blast with them.

I tried to surf a short board...I wasn't very good. It's been too long.

Scott, Jason, & Don (Kendra's cousin's husband).

Here's them and their boards.

Here's Scott, Don, and Jason heading out to catch some waves.

We tried to get a photo of just us and we accidentally included the bum in the background...looks comfy.

Here's the pre-race photo of us. We were pumped.

Here's another pre-race photo. Dana and Ryan met up with us at the race.

Here's a little glimps of what the race was like. Here's Dana during one part of the race. She's the one the sargent is yelling at. She's wearing a blue tank top.

Post Race Photo.

Here's our whole group. Dana, Ryan, Me, Scott, Jason, & Kendra

After the race we ate at In-N-Out. We had such a great time. Hope you all can race next year. Put it on your calenders. Sign ups are January 1 and will probably close in 2 days so sign up fast.