Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Happy 4th Birthday Jake!!!!

Sweet Jake!!! We are so lucky to have Jake in our family. He is the sweetest little boy. I can't believe he is 4 already. He is such a patient kid. He is so good with his brothers and is learning to be a good example to them. He is always concerned for others...especially me...he's always making sure I'm okay or I don't cut myself. I am so lucky to be his mother. We love you so much Jake!!! Happy 4th Birthday Jake!!!! (His birthday really isn't until August 9th, but we'll be traveling to WA on that day so we celebrated early).

Now Jake can show that he's 4. He was so excited to have a
birthday party.

Here is his cup cake....unfortunately his cake didn't turn out
so we had to have cup cakes.

Here are all the little buddies watching him blow out his candle.
Jake, Jordan (cousin), Ben, Layton, Caleb, Savannah,
Tate, Andrew, & Tammy (due in a week).

Jake loved his piniata.

Scott loved it just as much as the kids.

Here's Layton taking a wack.

Here's Layton playing "Pin the plane on the target."

Here is Tate & Ben with their army masks on.

Jake & Scott enjoyed opening all the gifts!! Jake LOVED
all his new toys!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Fight Night

Scott is big into UFC & MMA fighting. Last night Scott had some buddies over to watch the fights. The group that gets together (about 10) always brings snacks so they have good food and a great time watching the fights. They all get into it...all night I was hearing ooooh's and aaahhh's. I love that we are putting our basement to good use.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

$650--Gas, $32--Beach Parking, $34--Pink's Hot Dogs, Family Vacation--PRICELESS

Every year we take a trip to visit Grandma Mary in California. We look forward to this trip for months because we spend every day at the beach and we all love it!!!! We drove to Vegas and stay with Mark & Emily(Scott's brother), then continue on to GG's(great Grandma's). Here are some photos of the great time we had. Brace yourself for lots and lots of photos!!!!

These boys loved playing on the swing set at Mark & Emily's place.

Here are all the boys (minus Seth& Matty). Jake, Dallin,
Sammy, Andy, & Layton.

We went swimming at Emily's sister's pool. Layton loved
jumping off the edge. I love Scott's face!!

Jake loved jumping too...and hangin' out with his
cousins Sammy & Andy.

All the boys love the water!

We went to Cabella's and the boys loved it. Here's Jake
on the fish bench.

The boys loved checkin out the boats. I was the only girl in
this bunch. The Nelson boys(Scott & Mark) sure do know how to make
the most handsome boys. We both have all boys...it's great!!
Jake, Sammy, Matty, Scott, Dallin, Layton, Mark, Andrew, & Seth.

This is Scott's brother's family. We loved being able to see them.
Emily, Sammy, Andrew, Mark, Seth, & Matty.

We finally made it to GG's. We hung out on her front lawn
a lot of the time. Nanner was already there to greet us.

Jake chillin'.

I love this shot of Scott..Dallin not so much, but this is how
chill it was at the moment.

Here are the $1 goggles that Jake LOVes!!!

GG had these old school bikes....the boys loved them.

Doesn't Layton look like he should be in
the 1950's on this trike.

The boys rode their bikes and scooters for hours. Here is
Jake & his cousin Jordan.

Isn't Jake the coolest!!

The boys took a bath and got all cleaned up. Jake, Jordan,
& Layton havin' a great time.

Here we are at the Santa Monica Beach.

Here is Dana, Kate, & Jordan...we loved hanging out with
them all week.

Nanner & David with all the boys. They made this trip
so much easier for Scott and I. Thank you so much for
helping make our trip so awesome!!!

Here's GG in all her glory. She is a champ and went to the
beach everyday...even when it wasn't so warm.

Layton enjoying the beach.

We entertained everyone who sat by us as you can see in the

Dallin loved his first experience at the beach.

Layton's waiting for the waves to come into his bucket.

Jake & I running from the waves.

Jake & I posin'.


Scott helping Layton boogie board.

Nanner and Dallin....all smiles.

Scott and the boys had a blast in the sand.

Here's Scott with Jake. They boys both had wet suits cuz
the water was freezing.

Jake loved being in the ocean with his dad.

Here's Scott carrying Layton out.

Layton, Jordan, & Jake on the bikes you can rent on the pier.

Jordan & Jake on the rides on the pier.

Layton had a blast on the rides.

Here I am boogie boarding.

Here's Jake chasing a bird. I love the lady's reaction in the
background. All the boys loved chasing the birds.

Dallin takin' notes so he can boogie board next summer.

I love this photo of Scott & the boys.

David helped Dana and I out with our baby's so much this
trip. He could always put them to sleep or keep them from
crying. Thanks David!!!

David and the boys diggin' in the sand.

The boys loved standing in the water and
trying not to fall down.

I love it when my kids hold hands!!!

Another shot of Scott & the boys in the water.

We ate at a few places that we loved. One being Pink's that
I didn't get a photo of and here is Bob's.

We ate here so many times...it was pretty good.

We took the boys on a train and this photo of Jake is priceless.

Layton had a blast on the train too.

We took the boys to an aquarium and here they are touching
the Sting Ray's. They thought that was cool.

This was in the aquarium.

We had a wonderful trip!!!