Thursday, September 10, 2009

X Games 2020 Here We Come


Monday, September 7, 2009

Belleview Park

A few weeks ago we met up with some friends at Belleview park. We rode the train first, then had a blast in the stream. Everyone had a great time.

Here we are waiting for the train.

There it is.

Here we are waiting for it to start moving.

Here's the boys.




The train

Here's a nice view of the park from the train ride.

Jake loves to jump in the water.

Isn't he so H-O-T!!!!

Scott & Layt'

Just playin'.

Dallin's so cute

Here's Dallin & Jake watching the train go by and everyone waved...isn't that cute.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Yeah for Visitors

So about a month ago my parents came to watch the kids while Scott and I went on the trek. We are so grateful they were so happy and willing to help out. It was so good to see them and the boys loved every second of spending time with Nana and Papa. Misty and Luke came up from Texas as well. It was such a blast to hang out and see everyone. These photos are all out of order....actually from the end of the trip to the beginning, but there are so many, I'm not going to switch them around. Enjoy!

A shot at the park. Luke, Max, Jake, Misty, Kylee, Layton, Tami, & Dallin.

Me and the babies....not so babies anymore...Kylee and Dallin. Kylee is 6 months younger than Dallin, but looks like his age.

Jake, Layton, and Dallin doin' what they do best.

Meldrum Family: Kylee, Luke, Misty, & Max.

Dally has his diaper and shorts in his hand...what was he doing?

Yes, it wouldn't be a true Nelson post with out one of these photos.

Luke & Max.

Mom & Dallin.

Mom & Dad with all the grandkids.

I love these two. Thank you so much Mom & Dad for all your help with the kids and spending so much time with us. We loved every second of it. We miss you already!!!

Misty and I...the best sister ever!!!!

Here's Misty and I with the babes.

They have the cutest family. It was a fun day at Pirate's Cove.

Miss Kylee in all her glory!!!

Here I am helping Misty do Kylee's hair. Man, looking so pretty is hard work. Having all boys I don't know much about this.

Oh yeah, Max and Jake pimpin' out.

Here I am with my "pioneer gear" on reading Kylee a story. We had just got home. I look so gorgeous I know. I felt so dirty...I was so dirty...but it was so much fun!!!!

Here's Dallin & Kylee floating together in the pool.

Close up of Layton.

Dad & Kylee...I love this is so cute.

My boys couldn't get enough of my dad. Here they are playing with his cell phone.

My mom had a blast taking photos of my kids. Here they are all lined up on the was the only place they would stay...semi-stay long enough for a shot.

Here's my dad with the kids at the park.

And my dad cleaning his feet in the tub with the boys.

I love these little dudes!!

And my dad helping the boys eat very messy melting pop cycles.

Isn't this such a precious shot of my mom & Dallin?!!!!!

Max & my dad on the bike.

Civic Park fun. Scott & Dallin running through the fountains.

Priceless time together.

So cute.


Misty & Kylee.


Luke & Max.

Luke & Jake.



Dallin...flying high in the sky.

Scott & Jake

Scott & Dallin

Scott & Layton

Luke was so great with the boys. Layton leaps him.

Luke...we love you!!!!

Dad & Max

Mom...she is healing from a broken she just brought her chair everywhere and still enjoyed the kids.

Dad & Kylee

Misty....we love you too....miss you so much.


Luke & Max dang cute.

Luke making waffles with the boys.

Kylee....princess Kylee that is.

Misty and I.

Dallin & Kylee...yes, Kylee's hair is awesome!!!!

Being entertained: Max, Dallin, Layton, & Jake.

Here's the entertainer...Scott had a blast with the boys.

Here's right when my parents got here...the boys were so happy to see my parents and were all over my Dad...who loved every minute of it!!!!!!

Thank you Mom, Dad, Luke, & Misty for driving so far to see us...we miss you and can't wait to see you again.