Friday, August 24, 2007

Just like Daddy!!

Like Dad....we wanna be like Dad!!!
We can't wait to grow up to be like you dad!!
Happy Birthday...We love you!!
Jake & Layton

Happy Birthday Daddy!!!

We hope you are having a great day!
We had fun making these signs for you and even
more fun playing with them when we were done.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The 2 Week Beard

I love it when Scott has a beard...besides
that he looks so dang handsome, it means
that we have been on vacation!!!

A Day on the Farm

My friend took us out to her dad's farm
and the boys had a blast.

Scott, Jake, Layton, & Caleb enjoying
the view of the fresh country!

Jake loved getting to ride the "real" tractor
with his dad.

Scott was a pro at driving the tractor....maybe we'll
live on a farm someday...hahaha.

Jake had on sweet farm boots
while he drove his tractor.

Layton did not want to get off the 4-wheeler.
Look at that huge smile!

Jake and Layton were having a blast!

Just Cuz

Here are just some random shots of the boys

Jake loves his scooter!


Jake got his own snack out and was so proud of himself.

The boys love playing in the water.
I think this photo of Layton makes his look so much older.

We had just picked tons of apples off our Crab Apple tree.

Here is Jake, AJ (our neighbor), and Layton
playing in the gutter...they love it

Jake is reading Layton a book.
(notice that it's upside down)

Just chillin'

Jake & Layton love to play in the rain!!