Friday, March 27, 2009

A Snow Day with Nanner & Poppa

The boys and I went to visit GG at Nanner and Poppa's yesterday. There was a big snow storm and Scott ended up getting off work early and came to join us. We ended up staying there all day. We all had a blast. Too bad I had the camera out when GG was sleeping!!!

Nanner and Poppa...thanks for letting us spend the day with you.

There's nothing like a good game of Ping Pong when we're snowed in!!!

We were so happy when Scott was able to join us for one big party!!!

Layton's getting his game face going....and yes, his bed head helps him gear up.

Dallin even got in on the action....he wasn't sure how to get the ball over the net.

Jake & Dallin takin on Layton...look at those focused faces.

It's Daddy's and Poppa's turn to play while the boys watch and learn from the pro's.

Scott has game.

Just look at that form!

Poppa gearin up to blow the snow.

Layton workin hard shovelin' snow.

Jake & Poppa using the snow blower.

Scott shoveled our driveway...there was over a foot of snow.

Layt lovin' it.

Here's how high the snow is next to our driveway after Scott shoveled.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Another day at the ZOO back in January

Back in January the boys and I went to the zoo with Tammy and her boys. We had Jordan with us also. It was quite the day. Between everyone, there were 7 boys ages 4 and under. Everyone had a blast.

Jake, Andrew, Jordan, Layton, and Caleb all "Riding on the Bus".

Here's Layton and the Gorilla. They look so comfortable together.

Here's Jake lovin' the drums.

Jordan, Layton, and Jake goin' at it.

Pink Flamingo anyone.

Here are 5 of the boys going crazy roaming the zoo...and no one got lost!!!

Layton, Jake, & Jordan "reading" about the animals.

Hyenas look scary to me. Here's Jordan & Layt' getting a close up.

Jordan, Caleb, and Jake checkin out what's under the water.

Jordan, Caleb, Jake, and Layton examining the water.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Love Our Neighbors

Here the boys are playing Ring Around the Rosies with AJ & Codi our neighbor kids.

Here are a few shots of the kids with our neighbors sledding. It was like 70% outside. That's why the kids are in diapers and shorts...they had a blast.

Dallin LOVES being outside.

I know the lighting is horrible, but here is Cali, Devon, Jake, & Layton riding their bikes on our street.

Just on a walk to the park.
I love these boys!!

Watching the snow...