Thursday, October 29, 2009

Epic Lake Powell Trip

This is our Kidless Lake Powell Trip that Scott and I took last month. The Shubins kindly invited us along with 4 other couples. Scott an I had a blast. The first few photos are of every couple that was there(it was the last day, so we might look a little scary). We made amazing memories and are so grateful to the Shubins for allowing us to enjoy that time with them.

Clay and Kelly

Kelly and Monica

Heather and David

Kendra and Jason

Jason & Julie

Scott and I

This was the house boat we stayed on...The Colorado Clipper.

A look at the house boat from land.

Up top where we slept...when we weren't getting rained on.

Jason with that amazing back drop!!!!

Scott wake skating.

Scott jumping off the wake skate can see it in the air.

On the wake skate again.

Scott and I Swan Diving off an Arch.

Jason jumping over Scott.

Cheesy pose.

Scott and I in heaven...isn't that where Lake Powell is...Heaven.

A few of us.

Some of the girls cliff jumping...don't we look hilarious.

Loving getting boat time.

Loving getting Kelly time.

Kendra, Heather, & I.

Heather, Kelly, & I.

Hiking atop the mountain/cliff.

Heather, Julie, Kelly, & Monica swimming.

Scott and I. I love this guy...I am so lucky!!!

Me...being a dork.

Scott getting air.

This is Clay....nice. What a stud!

Look at the skills!!! The house boat is in the background.

Heather and I....I love this girl...we had so much fun!!!!

Here's Jason jumping off the house have to look carefully. Heather and I were watching from the tube.

Scott has such nice form.

Me, wake was SO MUCH FUN.

It was tricky until you got the feel.

Yes, he is loving every second!!!

Here we all are on the boat trying to make the wake bigger...I'm wake surfing.


Scott wake surfing.

Scott and I lovin!!!


Scott driving the house boat.

Scott and Jason on the ses doos(I have no idea how to spell that).

Saturday, October 17, 2009

California 2009

So all these photos are backwards and there is a lot of them. We went to Sherman Oaks to to visit Scott's grandma whom we call GG. We always have a blast going to the beach and swimming in Zelfa's pool and hanging at GG's house. On the way home we stopped in Vegas and Scott's brother Mark blessed their new little guy, Luke. Enjoy the photos. Sorry they are backwards.

GG, Nanner and all the grandkids.

GG, Nanner, Mark, and baby Luke on his blessing day.

Scott & the boys.

Jordan, Jake, Dallin, & Layton cleaning up. Isn't this bathroom old school awesome.

Scott and I riding one in together. I love this man!!!

A little talk on the way in.

A little talk on the way out.

Posing before we go out.

Here's what we do at the beach and that's why we love coming back every year.

Look at those muscles.

Jake, Jordan, & Layton pulling their boogie boards.

Layton, Jake, & Jordan LOVING the beach!

Scott pulling Jake....everyone stoppped and watched this as they walked by us. It was quite entertaining.

Scott riding a wave in.


Scott & Dana.

Kate & Dallin

Layton, Dallin, Jake, & Scott running from the wave.


Jordan & Kate

I love this shot of Dallin & Kate.

Scott & the boys!

Scott & Jake.

Jake & Layt' livin' it up at the beach.

Scott taking Jake out to catch some waves.

Jake catching a is so big!!!

This is how we nap at the beach. This is Jordan.

I love this kid!! Dallin.

Dallin, Layton, & Jake playing in the sand.

Layton watching the sail boat.

Layton with the Santa Monica Pier in the background.

Layton, Jordan, & Jake.

Jake & Layton racing the wave.

Nanner, Dana, Kate, Jake, Layton, & Jordan.

Scott & Dallin.

Jake's little feet.'s amaznig what this 93 year old woman can do!!!

Scott & Dallin.

Layton on the ride.

Jake on the ride.

The boys got split up....they were cute with all the 'big' kids.

Jake & Layt' on the submarine ride.

Me chillin with Dallin.

Me chillin on the beach.

GG chillin on the beach.

Dallin & Jake buried in the sand.

Jake's head.

Layton's turn.


Scott & his boys....waist down.

Doesn't this look fun!

Dallin's nap.

Nanner and GG.

Scott getting us set up.

GG making fresh OJ. Those are some hard working hands!!

Getting the oranges ready for juicing.

GG at work making the OJ.

Dallin in GG's front yard playing baseball.

Our crew with GG. What a great time we have year after year here.