Sunday, October 23, 2011

Boating and the South End

Here are some shots on the lake....good ol' Moses Lake!!! My parents were so nice to take us out so much. The water really is our family's favorite activity together. My friend Heidi was able to come up for a day to just hang and I LOVED every second.

Scott and I watching the boys tube.
Dallin posin'.
Look how much fun this boy is having. He LOVES sitting on Papa George's lap and driving.
Even though it's a little fuzzy, I LOVE this photo. Layton is having a blast!!
Their faces say it all. Thanks Papa George for having such a great time driving the boat with the boys!!
Sandwiches in the sand. Poor Jake and his allergies!
Scott and D swimming.
Nana and D getting warm.
Scott and the boys....rock on baby!!!
The Nelson Crew at the South End of Moses Lake.
Heidi and this girl like crazy!!!
Brent and I....bro and sis.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Moving Pipes

Here are photos of the boys helping Papa George move pipes and then playing in them. The photos are backwards so start at the bottom!!!!

D-Drenched after the sprinkler fight.
Jake having a blast getting wet and he LOVES that hat of his.
D figuring out how to work the sprinkler head.
Runnin' through the sprinklers.
Helpin' move the pipes to water the grass.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

WA Continued

So life is crazy!!! Insanely here is an attempt to get caught up on the blogski. Hold tight, there are still a million and one posts coming from WA. What do you expect, we were there for over 3 weeks. It was a blast.

Here is a post dedicated to the dirt bikes. See my brother Brent is one of the coolest people I know. He dabs into everything. I LOVE that he loves dirt bikes and so do my kids. Here are photos of Brent teaching them to ride dirt bikes and my boys LOVED every.single.second!!!!

Here's Brent and I. Love this scruffy guy!!
Here is how Brent started off teaching the boys.
Here's how they got because Brent was such a great teacher. Jake's juicin' it!!
Layton's turn.
I LOVE all this gear!!! Layton was loving it too!!!
Jake was lovin' it.
Here's Layton with my grandpa mowing the nieghbor's lawn too in the background. Love it!!
Layton Close up.
Brent made me try the little bike before he would let me try the big bike.
Even put on my nephew's gear!!
It had some guts behind it.
D got to ride with Uncle Brent on the 4 wheeler.
Papa George even took a turn!!