Saturday, April 26, 2008

All about Layton

We love Layton so much. He adds so much flavor to our family. He will do the most random things. Here are some shots of our little stud muffin.

He's always got this stare'll know if you ever get it.

Layton loves riding his trike that we got from Nanner & Poppa.

He also loves riding his two wheeler that we got from the
Audinets whom we miss dearly!!! He's so small on the big bike.

He's pretty good on it, we just have to teach
him how to use the breaks now.

This is Layt workin' his X-Games moves.

Yes!!! You've gotta love this outfit!!!

He was having a hard day, but
wearing exactly what he wanted.

This is how Layton eats his PB&J's.

It's always so messy, but
he does it almost every time.

He's a shot at the park.

This is a shout out to all the women
in his life.....Nanner, Nana, Aunt Misty,
Aunt Diana, Aunt Dana, Aunt Emily,
and all the GG's...and me...Pucker up!!!

I love Layt's outfit...he Loves this necklace...even
more he Loves the sand box in our backyard!!

This is Dallin's swing that Layton is in.

Here's one of those great things that
Scott accidentally showed the kids.
Our boys want to be just like their dad!!!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Boys, Trucks, & Dirt

Here are Jake & Layton with their cousin Jordan. They LOVE playing with their cousin...and their dump trucks....and the dirt!!! It's the greatest combination for 2 & 3 year old doesn't get any better than that!!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Kate Mary Moats has finally arrived!!!!

Here she is in all her glory!!! She is the cutest little girl. We finally have a niece on Scott's side of the family. This is Dana (Scott's sister) and Ryan's little girl. We are excited to have her in our family and I can't wait to do her hair and buy her bows....I've gotta get some girl-time in sometime!! Since we have all boys, I'll just have to steal Kate every once in a while!!! I can't wait!!! You can find more details about her coming into this world here from the point of view from the parents.

This was all the drama when we went to visit.
All the boys were lovin' baby Kate!!!
They couldn't get enough.

Friday, April 11, 2008


What were you doing a decade ago?

10 years ago, I was attending BBCC in Washington and loving life. I was playing college softball as a catcher, I loved it. We didn't have school on Fridays and only had 3 was the life. I made lifelong friends from the basketball and softball team that I played on. It was probably the most care-free year of my life...besides the summer days of Elementary school. I have to say I'm proud of where I've been since then...loving my family....sweet hubby Scott and 3 wonderful boys-Jake, Layton, & Dallin.

5 things on my to do list:

1. teach my kids the gospel well enough so they have their own strong testimonies
2. send my 3 boys on missions
3. go on a mission with Scott
4. make more quilts because I've found that I LOVE making them
5. learn to be organized enough to actually finish every project that I start.

5 Places that I have lived:

1. Logan, Utah (where I was born)
2. Moses Lake, Washington (where I grew up....loved it)
3. Rexburg, Idaho (one year of college)
4. Laie, Hawaii (finished school there)
5. Highlands Ranch, Colorado (where I live now and enjoy it)

5 Jobs that I have had:

1. Newspaper delivery girl
2. Lifeguard & Swim Instructor
3. Drove Combine (big tractor)-peas & lima beans
4. Cook at the Seasider at BYU-H
5. Para Educator (worked with special needs kids)

5 things people don't know about me

1. I was the biggest Tom-boy growing up...I loved football and every other sport and the girls just weren't very fun so I played with the boys on recess.
2. I had cancer when I was 13...had chemo and lost all my changed me...for the better..
3. I've been sky diving and I know how to surf.
4. I love to take photos...especially of my kids.
5. I'm training for a sprint triathlon.